The other evening I was eating in a pub with my brother. There were some kids running around, having a jolly old time.

One of them was fully engrossed in a Nintendo Switch, walking down the stairs while playing. He took a trip and fell literally onto his face, SMACK!


My jaw dropped, it was a nasty fall! I awaited the inevitable screams of pain and distress. But, to my surprise, the kid’s eyes barely broke with the screen! He stood up and continued playing the game as if nothing had happened.


I swear he had a red mark on his forehead from where he fell. But he was totally nonplussed, just kept walking along, playing the game. I was amazed! I thought, either that kid is super tough, or the game he’s playing is some kind of digital heroin.


Turns out the latter was true because 30 minutes later, when it was time to leave, his mum took the Nintendo from him…


THEN he cried his freakin’ eyes out.