The other evening I was eating in a pub with my brother. There were some kids running around, having a jolly old time.

One of them was fully engrossed in a Nintendo Switch, walking down the stairs while playing. He took a trip and fell literally onto his face, SMACK!


My jaw dropped, it was a nasty fall! I awaited the inevitable screams of pain and distress. But, to my surprise, the kid’s eyes barely broke with the screen! He stood up and continued playing the game as if nothing had happened.


I swear he had a red mark on his forehead from where he fell. But he was totally nonplussed, just kept walking along, playing the game. I was amazed! I thought, either that kid is super tough, or the game he’s playing is some kind of digital heroin.


Turns out the latter was true because 30 minutes later, when it was time to leave, his mum took the Nintendo from him…


THEN he cried his freakin’ eyes out.


First B&W Film Developed!

In the summer I bought an old Nikon F3 35mm film camera. It broke immediately! I recently got a replacement and I just got my first roll of black and white film developed. I’ve never shot on black and white film before and I’m still learning to use a manual focus camera like this. It’s a lot of fun.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the reel!

These were taken on a canal in London. We hired a boat for my friend Sammy’s birthday we cruised about picking up rubbish (for a discount)…

These photos were taken at home and about in Bristol…

I also took a colour roll to be developed but it was totally blank! I hadn’t spooled it up properly so it never wound on when I took a photo. Gutted! I have a new colour roll in the camera now, so I’m excited about that :D

Ink Splat Alien

Time for another ink splat creature! This one was for my niece’s birthday.

I started with a healthy blob of green ink and blew it about…


Then just a little bit of yellow, and some crimson that I spattered across the page…


I had a hard time finding the creature in this one! But this way round I could just about make out a weird shaped alien whose bubble gum has just popped!


A bit of black pen outlining later, and the bubblegum alien has landed!

Ink Splat Bird

It’s my brother-in-law’s birthday today so I made him a little card to send with his present. I like making ink splat creatures - here’s how this one developed!

First, I took one colour of ink, dropped a coupla blobs on the page then blew it about a bit.

Then I took another colour, blobbed it next to the first splat and blew it about - trying not to mix tooooo much with the yellow.

I rotated the splat around until I found a creature hiding within…

This angle looked like an exotic bird with magnificent head plumage and a big old beak, so I locked it down.

I used a black pen to fill in the details and bring the creature to life. What a beauty!