Looping Around The House

More long delaying than looping really. Loses its way a little at the toaster, but somehow claws it back. It was pretty hard looping like this because every timing error made was amplified each time round, so that in the end the loops were totally out of sync with the metronome in my ear!

I broke a couple of things when I was making this. But mum shrank a good jumper of mine a few days before, so we decided to call it even. It was a GREAT jumper though...

The good news is that mum and dad got a new toaster and it has a button on the side that, when pressed, makes the bread gently lower into the toaster and some shiny doors slide across to keep the heat in so it's more efficient. It makes toast more exciting, which, if you have it with something like blueberry jam, is almost TOO exciting.

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